Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cluck University Chicken

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112 Washington St, Hoboken
Between 1st & 2nd Street
Restaurant - Barbeque, Chicken, Wings, American

University Pizza and Wings, Philadelphia

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4026 Market St, Philadelphia
Between S 40th and S 41st Street
Restaurant - Italian, Pizza, Wings

Monday, July 11, 2011

Delphi Greek, Los Angeles, 10% off first time orders!

1383 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles
Rochester & Wilkins
Restaurant - Greek, Wine, Sandwiches, Salads  

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Sakura Sushi, San Francisco, CA

2450 Clement St, San Francisco, CA
Bet. 25th and 26th Street
Restaurant - Japanese, Sushi

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Jessica K on Yelp writes,
"My husband and I go here at least once a week.  The owners, Winnie and Michael, are two of the friendliest proprietors I have met!  They often hook us up with free mochi or saki and are always friendly and happy to see us.

The best place to sit is up at the bar so you can chat with Michael and find out what his favorite picks are for the day, everything is always fantastic but getting his picks brings the sushi into the realm of legendary!  The other great thing about the bar is that that's where the regulars sit so you get to chill with the local flavor, there is no shortage of characters in The Outer Richmond!

Definitely try the Toro, Russian Roll, the Delux Sashimi and of course, anything else that Michael recommends!"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chicken Factory, Hoboken, New Jersey, Oder Pick-up or Delivery from; Chicken Factory

529 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey
Between Washington & Court
Restaurant - Korean, Chicken

Review By: Jesse K. on Sep 16th 2010
"Some of the best chicken I've ever had. I got the Korean Chicken Katsu (which is not very exotic for those of you who are unadventurous - basically breaded chicken with white rice) and it was delicious breaded crispy chicken with a very unique tasting bread crumb. The best part for me though was that it was not greasey AT ALL! Also, the chicken was 100% white meat, and the portions were VERY generous for the price. Comes with a delicious ***ian style white rice, a small Korean side salad, some ginger (yuk), and choice of American Cole Slaw or Kimchi w/ pickle. The Kimchi is my favorite touch to an otherwise pretty American meal. I've also had both of their salads and have been extremely satisfied, just get 2 packets of dressing, 1 will barely cover 1/3 of the salad. Give these guys a try!! I really have nothing negative to say after 6 orders, the delivery is even extremely fast (they RUN through my building - I'm alllll the way in the back) and really accomodating - brought me free waters since they only had bottled Coke."